In 2020, the Art room is seeking a range of items for use by the children for construction, etc. They can use almost any packaging as long as it is not glass and does not have chemical residues or is unhygienic.

Please bring these recycled things and put them into the Green bin outside the Art Room.

They must be clean, fresh and not crushed.

Items needed:


Polystyrene meat trays

Printers’ off-cuts


Gift wrapping paper

Wool and string, thread

Ribbon, lace and trimmings

Boxes, buttons, beads and sequins


Stickers and cotton reels

Shredded paper, packing material and plastic bags

Used matches, wallpaper, paddle sticks, plastic lids, and margarine / yoghurt containers

Wood shavings, wood or chipboard off-cuts

Old sewing machines, electric irons and electric drills

Ice-cream and margarine containers

Leather, cork, vinyl and old wood tools

Beads, buttons, shells and costume jewellery

Plastic containers and boxes

Tags and tickets

Measuring spoons, plastic screw tops and copper wire