MMS is very excited to announce that all of the classrooms in the Junior School now have new names.

After a very long process, and consultation with the Wurundjeri Land Council, the teachers have selected either Indigenous words or Australian Flora and Flora to name their classrooms.

The classrooms will now be known as:

Parent & Toddler:             Bilby

Early Learners:                  Echidna

Cycle 1: 

Bunjil (Eagle)                                      Yenny

Waa (Crow)                                        Amira

Balam-Balam (Butterfly)                Katherine

Wadjil (Pelican)                                 Belinda

Bulen-Bulen (Lyre Bird)                  Manojini

Darnum (Crimson Rosella)            Jennifer

Cycle 2:

Banksia                 Belinda

Grevillea              Melinda

Boronia                Rebecca

Waratah               Lisa

Cycle 3:

Marram (Kangaroo)                        Yasmin

Walert (Possum)                              Ned

Warin (Wombat)                              Seanne

Nar Nar Goon (Koala)                     Eduardo (2020)