During this term, online chess tournament games will take place at 10.00am on Saturday and Sunday.  I will also be creating online lessons, analysing the top game from each day’s tournament and teaching other related strategy and lessons.

To join the tournament any day:

  1. Create a chess.com account
  2. Check you have joined the club at: www.chess.com/club/mindful-chess-melbourne
  3. Log in by 9.55 am. Click on ‘play’ and then ‘join’ the tournament.

* I will be online helping and analysing strategy live during games.

* For any parents that would prefer their child not being able to use chat functions while playing I suggest using chesskid.com instead.

To view and discuss the weekly lessons simply click on ‘forum’ on the right of the club homepage.

Or use this link:  https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/mindful-chess-melbourne

While the intimacy or our club is reduced, being online still allows for children to keep in contact with other players from their school, with me and with others who partake in the interschool tournaments. Also, playing the same regular familiar players each week and chatting may continue some sense of community.

Felix Chandler


Mindful Chess