The 2020 Semester 1 reports for Cycle 1, 2 and 3 students are now available on the MMS Parent portal.

If you require a hard copy you can print one yourself or request your teacher to do this for you.

New Report Format

The new report format is designed to be a more visual document and you will find a green dot to mark the level demonstrated by your child for each descriptor. Additionally, there will be a 10 point scale for Effort and Attitude. Please see the relevant Cycle Curriculum Overview below which covers the subjects and topics covered at your child’s cycle level this semester. The new report format has two parts: one is the formal written report based around many more descriptors than before together with a succinct comment, PLUS a Parent Teacher Interview specifically linked to the report.

Cycle 1 Curriculum Overview June 2020

Cycle 2 Curriculum Overview June 2020

Cycle 3 Curriculum Overview June 2020

Effort and Attitude Scales

Please see this report as a conversation starter about your child with their classroom teacher. The new Effort and Attitude scales will be based on a 5 for an expected average effort/approach for each subject and then any number above that will indicate an excellent or exceptional range of effort and positive attitude. If your child does not achieve a 5 or more for Effort or Attitude, this is an opportunity to discuss this with the classroom teacher as you all work to discover what is inhibiting these traits.

Reminder that this year (unfortunately the first time!) the PTIs will not take place in Term 2 due to social distancing requirements but will be combined with the Term 3 PTI. 

For instructions how to access your reports please follow this link.

The reports are downloadable in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader on your computer to open them.

Although the parent portal works on a smart device, it is recommended to use a full computer to view and print the reports.

The Parent Portal can be found via the link:

If you are having problems accessing anything, please email